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8 Things that will Forever Keep Me From Becoming An Adult:

5 Ways You Can Become a Successful Leader, Even If You Hate Decision-Making:

He Gets Me: 4 Reasons I’m a 20-Something Who Only Dates 30-Somethings:

thought catalog

To the The Guy Who Travels:

Blame it on your Frontal Lobe, Kiddos:

The Reason I can’t go back to Trader Joe’s:

colorado yoga magazine

Colorado Yoga Magazine Summer 2015 Edition: “Brew Dog” (Beer and yoga), A 3-page spread on Mark Stefanowski, founder of “Outlaw Yoga,” and other taproom-based yoga classes

gaia contributing writer

Partner Yoga: The Power of Connectivity :

Yoga For Better Sex: Bring Your Practice Into the Bedroom:

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Dog Sledding in Breckenridge:

Vegan Desserts in Boulder:

An Interview with Boulder Chef, Lenny Martinelli:

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Blogging for Milk Glass Productions at:


I Have Vulvodynia-But it Took Years to Put a Name to my Pain:




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