am i growing or not?

do you make me laugh,

do you help me to understand,

do you push me to be better?



in a losing game

isn’t it sad

that it’s hard for most of us

to say what’s on our mind.

what part of society

trained anyone to think

that it’s terrifying

to speak with meaning.


flowers don’t hide their petals when they get sun

how comfortable i am in my own skin

is my choice.

don’t judge how much you see on the outside,

when the inside of me is blossoming.




to be kind but still have a backbone

the softer i become,

the stronger i become.



you should want to be there also

the space between where you are

and where you want to be

is still a beautiful space.



it’s why a chandeleir hangs in my room.

there is nothing wrong with

wanting to romance yourself.