too dangerous of a venture

you were the fingers interlaced

inside my fingers.

the smile

on my face.

the risk

i was willing to take.

i was afraid,

like you.

but i was more curious than my fear.

while you let your worry get the best of you.

worry of the future

of what you might miss out on.

your own worst critic,

something i am not unfamiliar with.

but i have learned to embrace my flaws,

while you drown in the insecurity of yours.

playing it safe,

so what you missed out on

was every unfamiliar piece of me.

house frame


stream of consciousness 3

because maybe you were attracted to their physical features

like maybe they had a perfect nose or something

but also maybe something perfect inside of them too

that you’re not sure of yet

you owe it to yourself as a human

to say “i’m committed to getting to know you”

you are not afraid of commitment

you are afraid of what you are going to miss

and maybe you’ve been calling it being picky or something like that

but maybe its not that at all.