am i growing or not?

do you make me laugh,

do you help me to understand,

do you push me to be better?



i saw in him

what i see in me.

happiness a question

with no answer.


in a losing game

isn’t it sad

that it’s hard for most of us

to say what’s on our mind.

what part of society

trained anyone to think

that it’s terrifying

to speak with meaning.


human resistance

i get so lost in my own head


about things

that are so simple,

and then i picture the universe

just laughing at me.


why did i drown when only my toes were in the ocean?

every time i return,

i wonder if i left for the right reasons

or if i was running.

and every time,

i wish i didn’t feel like i was being punched in the gut,

contemplating why i’m still so fragile when i go back,

and why i wasn’t strong enough to stay the first time around.


and so we have art.


the world is a place

where things feels too hard to explain.

and so they stay a secret.