i won’t drown with you on your sinking boat

some people go low,

but i don’t need to go lower.

committed to a fault,

accepting my faults.

thinking i needed to stay loyal when i needed to stay healthy.

seeing the best in you.

my strength also my weakness.

a few lessons learned,

many more to go

as your truth comes out.

remaining grateful for what you taught me

even while you try to pull me down with you.

i’d rather give you a lifejacket.





to be kind but still have a backbone

the softer i become,

the stronger i become.



while you change


is not always easy.

realizing that you are fully responsible for your own reality.

to feel so fragile

and vulnerable to the world around you.

just take small steps,


not all shoes are meant for running.





southern california

there is something kind of shallow

about the way the sun is always shining.

life is rich in feeling

not just in paper.

full of clouds and rain

and other forms of precipitation

that remind us we are only human

that things change

that there are things far bigger than us-

keeping us on the ground

and not always floating.


you should want to be there also

the space between where you are

and where you want to be

is still a beautiful space.



it’s why a chandeleir hangs in my room.

there is nothing wrong with

wanting to romance yourself.