too dangerous of a venture

you were the fingers interlaced

inside my fingers.

the smile

on my face.

the risk

i was willing to take.

i was afraid,

like you.

but i was more curious than my fear.

while you let your worry get the best of you.

worry of the future

of what you might miss out on.

your own worst critic,

something i am not unfamiliar with.

but i have learned to embrace my flaws,

while you drown in the insecurity of yours.

playing it safe,

so what you missed out on

was every unfamiliar piece of me.




i never liked long lines.

there is the uncertainty-

the questions we ask,

the judgement we give,

in a world where maybe comes before yes,

and the buffet of choices is so large,

it would take weeks to walk through the line,

our trays overflowing,

pesto noodles, two people

and three jobsĀ on the floor,

thoughts pondering,

mind wavering,

heart questioning.

who am i?

we ask,

is this right?

its so loud-

all of this uncertainty.


love is louder.

so much louder.