thoughts of a man.

there once was a boy

who couldn’t find his meaning

and so he used things

like coke and pretty girls

to forget who he was.

and it didn’t work

when he realized that drugs don’t last forever,

and well,


eventually they run.


letting go of things toxic.

i let you in,

but now i have to let you go.

i have to let you go because you hurt me far more than you made me happy.

i loved who you could be,

but i got stepped on one too many times.

and life is too short

to try and help people that don’t want to be helped

to try and make people realize what they already know

but aren’t ready to admit to themselves.

to walk around with dirt on my face

pretending that i am ok with you being in my life

when you brought me down so often

that losing you felt like more of a relief than a loss.