with a magnificent outcome

greatness comes from giving.

to be great,


to surround yourself with greatness,

receive gracefully.





to sit with yourself

the best way to transition

is to do it with kindness.

to allow yourself time

to accept the change that is occurring inside of you,

to turn your healing into love,

and give it to those who need it.

jumping back into romance

that is not really romance,

is not the answer to your problem, dear.

do not let strangers kiss your lips,

only for you to pull away from the foreign taste of their mouth,

only for you to feel bad about it in the morning.





because you’re moving forward

watching yourself change

has got to be one of the most amazing forms of evolution.

asking yourself,

“how exactly did I get here?”

and yet

no matter where you are,

it is still so beautiful.


the process

the wound is raw.

but darling,

all you can do

is patiently wait for the flesh to scab over,

to heal in its own time.

the only reminder left,

a fading scar.

this is heartbreak.