the misconception of maturity

growing up-

it comes in moments.

the day you’re claiming yourself as an independent on your tax forms. the epiphany you have when you realize that your voice actually matters-when you go out and vote for the first time.

growing up comes in waves of caring. of learning from others. it comes when you foster the ability to look inside your soul and realize that this invisible piece inside of you, this is who you are. that nobody has the ability to take it away from you.

growing up is learning that change means action, that desire is not enough to make something a reality.

it’s committing yourself to someone or something, even if that thing is a pet fish, a job, your health, yourself.

it’s realizing that what matters the most is love. it will always matter the most. it will always win.

having adult responsibilities does not mean that you are a “grown up”.

growing up means growing emotionally, physically, spiritually, in selflessness, in self-awareness, in knowledge, in self-love.

it’s what happens when you realize that you are love, and that it is your responsibility to carry it with you always.

it’s the ability to remove judgment, to open up your mind,

to take care of your love, letting it grow, and giving it to others always.





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