Conforming, It Feels Like Breaking

You cannot tame the wild.

This I’ve learned to be true.

I know because,

I am the wild.

Put away the leash

and learn to run with me, dear.

Choosing passion before logic,

and love before everything.

If you cannot understand this,

that is ok,

but my legs will keep running free.

Not because I don’t have love for you,

but because this is how wild things are.

They do not stop to wait for water that may never come,

or words that have no action.

Loving a wild thing

is quite wild,

I must admit.

But it is a journey that will take you to places you have not been,

with views you have not seen,

and thoughts you have not had.

So many wild thoughts,


Undeniably wild thoughts.


I Only Understand Understanding. 

If I give myself love,

I must give you love, too.

If I give myself compassion,

I must treat you with compassion as well.

If I look at my life with an open mind,

I must look at your life that way, also.

This is the only way.

Because we all cut each other off on the highway,

and yet we still scream at the other drivers

who do the same thing to us

that we do to them.

This, I do not understand.