Don’t Say No To the Memories

Stop it with these what ifs,

with these whys,

with these maybes.

Turn off your brain for a second

and open up your heart.

Open up your soul.

Let your being be filled with the feeling of undeniable excitement,

undeniable joy,

undeniable fear

of the things you want,

and then let that want overcome that fear.

Fill yourself with the undeniable possibility of life, dear.

Stop saying no because your logic is telling you so.

Stop asking questions that aren’t even ready to be asked yet.

Just let yourself feel.

Feel alive,

feel infatuated,

feel in love,

feel beyond any measure that is basic,

or mediocre

or boring.

Life is so full of the opportunity

to just be alive.

It’s not about where you are trying to get to,

but rather the way you want to get to where you think you’re going.

Because no destination

is ever better than the humanity you experienced to get “there”.

Wherever “there” actually is.




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