at first sight.

and at first sight,

we can love everyone we meet.

simply because they are someone.

everyone deserves to be loved

for no particular reason,

other than that they are so perfectly particular.

no romance required.

maybe just one soul touching another.

with fingertips of kindness,

with eyes of empathy,

with an immediate agreement to honor that person

for exactly as they are in that moment.




the soundtrack of life

with every experience

comes a song.

with every emotion

comes a note.

so when you are feeling,

you are also listening to the way that feeling sounds.

letting these sound waves guide you through life,

reminding you that you are not alone,

that there is energy all around you

to hold you up when you feel weak,

to dance with you when you feel alive,

to be there for you always.



everything dries eventually

the stillness after the storm,

where all that is left is a mist in the grass,

twigs fallen off the tree,

and you,

one layer less.

one chaotic piece of your life gone.

that storm,

it felt like madness.

but i’ve discovered that it is only madness that makes you feel free.

one more lighting bolt dodged, dear.

and the sun,

always on its way to dry you.