This Reality

“People are so involved in their own shit that they don’t know how to show you,” she said.

But isn’t that a crying shame.

People being so involved in themselves,

that they can’t love another.

They can’t hold them,

or tell themĀ a single word.

Because they fear that doing so

will only interfere with their own existence.

That maybe if they do or say something that the someone might appreciate,

might need,

that that someone in need

might somehow try to stop them from being free,

free from feeling,

free from attachment,

free from confusion.

When really,

they’re the ones who need more than that someone,

so much more.

girl on phone


This Vow To Myself

A friend showed me this beautiful Ted talk that I think you’ll find worth watching. It is what has inspired this piece of writing, and is something that I hope will inspire you also.

Through her words, I found my own, and decided to make this vow to myself.

self love

I vow to practice self-love even when I don’t like myself very much.

I vow to to never feel guilty about lost relationships, to recognize that sometimes, there is only so much I can do for people until their presence in my life exhausts and impedes on my own well-being.

I vow to love myself with every bite of ice cream that I eat(every day), because it makes me happy, and that is all that matters.

I vow to to accept the health issues that I have, to treat my body and my mind with kindness and priority, and to be open to sharing my experiences with others.

I vow to say what I feel and to not hold back the thoughts and emotions that are weighing me down, to allow my desire and curiosity to overcome my fear.

I vow to love the people in my life for who they are and see the best in them always.

I vow to recognize my flaws, to see when I am being flaky, judgmental, or unappreciatve, and to recognize when I am allowing myself to be a doormat for other people to step on.

Overall, I vow to love what I let enter my world, for it is a reflection on myself who I choose to spend time with and what decisions I decide to make.

And lastly, I vow to keep these vows in the back of my mind always, to remind myself of them when I am hard on myself or other people, and to listen to these vows when I need them most.