Because This Is How You Threw Me Away

I am so content

with the love in my life,

that I do not need to be with a man

who tells me one day

that I am not worthy enough for him,

and the next that maybe I am.

With no apologies,

he thinks that just a simple “hello”

and “I miss you,”

is going to make me want him back.

But I am far too concerned

with my own well-being

to throw it away for a person

who can say such cruel things

about a woman that he doesn’t even know.

You see,


every love in my life is a choice.

And you’ve done nothing so far

to make me choose you.

wooden hearts.jpg


He’s so alive in my head,

because all I remember

is that time

that I accidentally opened the front door into his face.

And how his cheeks turned beet red,

and I laughed so hard that I fell on the carpet.

But today I couldn’t laugh.

I could only sob myself awake

for all of the people in his life who loved him,

for all the people that he touched,

for the loss of someone who was connected to each of us in some important way.

You were a part of our growing up,

our happiness,

our dreams.

You were so loved, dear.

You will always be loved.

bethany beach