The Vivid Beating Of Your Own Heart

That day,

when you realize that you can’t lie to yourself anymore,

you remember everything clearly.

The lighting in the room,

the song that is playing,

the way that the carpet feels on your hands.

It is like watching yourself from the sky.

girl lying in flowers





You Must Be From The Sky


people come into your life

who silently remind you to love yourself.

Who unknowingly teach you that giving your heart to people who don’t adore you

isn’t going to make you any happier.

They are angels sent to us

that were taught how to knock on our doors,

so that we wouldn’t be terrified by their wings.



The Shades We’ve Never Seen

You are a disaster waiting to happen,

the beautiful kind.

Like when a comet explodes in the sky

and all of its colors are revealed.

comet exploding




Once it is taken,

it stays,

every imperfect piece of it.

It’s so simple

when everything else is complicated.




And So It Is Choice, Not Obligation

To fall into yourself

is the most enlightening

and beautiful place to fall.

Because once you have,


you can fall safely into other things, too.

Bringing gentleness into pain,

adding softness into uncertainty,

knowing that these outside things are not going to break you.

Because you have your truth.

The one that tells you

that no matter the circumstance,

you will always have yourself.


And Then You Will Be Looked At For The Right Reasons

People always talk about having a “presence,”

as if it is so hard to acquire,

as if it is such an honor to be noticed.

But darling,

you don’t need to be noticed like that.

All you need to do is “see.”

To see is the greatest gift of all.





Hypothetically Speaking

You’ve always chosen with your heart,


but this boy has got you thinking

that maybe you should be choosing with your mind.

That this time,

you should really think about the consequences

of falling so absurdly in love with him

that you can’t fall out.