While These Words Wash Away In The Rain

I know that you’re excited about what lies ahead, but it’s ok to be terrified, too. I promise you, this means you’re doing it all right.

You’re going to see so many new things-ridiculous, beautiful, painful, sad, stunning, confusing, be pushed to your own limits, have your heart broken and then glued back together again.

Your faith in humanity will be tested, but you have love in you, darling, so you’re going to be just fine.

Just let yourself bend a little, ok? If you never bend, you won’t give yourself the chance to break. And breaking will be very, very crucial in the long run.

And know that this whole time, this time that you’re growing and bending and breaking and re-glueing, I’ll be thinking of you. Maybe not every day, but often.

I know that it’s been seven years, and maybe seven more years will pass where you will pop into my head and leave me with questions that I don’t have the answers to.

Maybe you were just the dream, darling. But it’s ok.

I’ve always liked dreaming.



We Will Always Have To Work For Each Other

I’m starting to see how our hearts can connect with so many people,

how our souls have the ability to touch others so freely,

how there isn’t one person for everyone.

I think we make a choice,


to love or to not.

There may not be such a thing as perfect compatibility,

or forever,

but there is still such a thing as choosing someone

who makes you feel.