The Way We View Ourselves

People get so obsessed

with how much money they are going to make,

how significant their career is,

with how “important” they think they have to be.

What they don’t understand,

is that money comes and goes,

careers will come only from passion,

and importance,

it has absolutely nothing to do

with any of these things.


This Ambiance Is Where I Live

My favorite kind of Thursday night

is the rainy kind,

the kind where I can sit at home in my sweatpants

with vodka in a wine glass,

my best friend,

and my favorite movie

in the dim lighting of my cozy living room.

I am not going to call just anyone

to keep me company,

because this space is where my heart is.

I couldn’t possibly let someone in it

who does not know how much it means to me.


I Don’t Know How I Feel About Feeling So Intensely About The World



It is both a blessing and a curse,

to feel so connected to others.

To feel so alive

in their joy

and so hurt

in their pain,

and then to have to let it go

as though I never knew what it felt like.

I’m not sure if this is a strength

or a weakness.

And so I write,

with the hope that typing out these words

will clear out the chaos in my heart.


emotions 1


This Is Me Saying Thank You and That I’m Sorry

I didn’t realize how much I missed the smell of you,

the taste of your lips,

the familiarity of your touch.

I spent our time apart

ignoring the reality that what you gave me

was more important than flowers and dinner.

I’m sorry, darling,

that I acted so disappointed with you

for expressing love in a different language than me.

You only did what you knew to be true,

and I only wanted what I understood.

I am used to being showered with compliments and gifts,

but not with true affection.

But sometimes


it takes time away

to realize that relationships are not ever going to work

the way we expect them too.

But that does not mean they are not good for us.

couples 13