Being A Boss

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5 Ways You Can Become A Successful Leader, Even If You Hate Decision Making:

5 Ways You Can Become A Successful Leader, Even If You Hate Decision-Making



I just don’t have the energy anymore

to be in casual relationships

with selfish people.

We don’t need to be “together”

for you to act like you care.

We are two human beings

who should treat each other with equality,

because that’s simply what people should do.

Know that it is my job to study people, darling.

Know that I can read through every line of bullshit you say to me,

that I can read through every little thing that you do,

but also every little thing that you don’t.


Forever a Kid

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8 Things That Will Forever Keep Me From Becoming An Adult: 

8 Things That Will Forever Stop Me From Becoming An Adult

Growing up is for babies.



The Tendency to Overlook Quality


I like the way a pen looks on paper,

but it’s far too slow to keep up with the words that I think.

It’s kind of like the way I like to walk around a bookshop,

even though I hardly ever stop to read.

I’m much too busy absorbing the beauty of the way the stacks look all lined up.

Maybe that’s why I pick things out of convenience,

like typing on a computer.

Maybe that’s why I like things that are pretty on the outside,

like people.

Except when you find out that they don’t have the same quality

as a word that’s been written in black ink.



This is what it’s like to be a writer.

Not wanting to leave my computer

because every thought that’s racing through my brain

needs to be typed,

and if it doesn’t,

my head might explode.

Nobody as self-indulgent as me

could ever let that happen.

I’m too absorbed in my own mind.

So here is a half-assed apology

for all of the things I have missed

and to all of the people I have bailed on.

I just can’t control myself when my words take over.