I sit in confusion,

because I don’t know how to bridge the gap between “now” and “when.”

I’ve always liked “now,”

‘Cause I’m not so good at waiting

for flowers to arrive at my doorstep.

I would be lying if I said that sometimes,

I don’t dream about skipping time,

‘Cause my twisted mind wants you all grown up,

but my twisted heart keeps loving on you anyway.




Little Yogi

The canvas of a body is made up of a thousand threads.

I like the weaving of the back,

the way every muscle and bone is tied together.

It is strong

and beautiful.

But most of all,

I’m grateful that with it,

I can stand on my head.

Because I like to look at the universe upside down.

I like to defy gravity.








I love the feeling of wellness

that comes after being sick.

It’s the kind of ‘feel good’ that reminds you of how blessed you are

to have a body that can break itself down and then rebuild itself all over again.

It reminds you that wellness is a privelage

that not everybody gets.

So don’t take advantage of your beautiful body.

After all, it’s fought dragons for you.



I never used to understand the point of giving flowers.

But now, I get it,

how amazing it is that earth created something so magnificent.

And how could you not marvel at that?

You may call it cliche,

but you can also look at it like this.

You’re being given a beautiful piece of nature

that came from the same body of life that you did.

And isn’t that enough of a reason to make you appreciate the gift of a flower?

Even if you give them to yourself,

that’s perfectly ok.

I buy myself flowers all the time.