You and You

You can only be one person. There is you, and then there is you.

Yes, you can be multi-dimensional. You can be a walking contradiction. You can be extroverted AND introverted. You can be goofy AND smart. You can be disabled AND functioning.

But, it feels like there’s all of this pressure, doesn’t it? To be a traveler, a professional, a good friend, a lover, a parent, a party-goer, a lazy bum, a health nut, a “cool(girl/guy/mom/dad/grandma, etc.)”…all at the SAME time. It’s exhausting trying to meet the expectations of everything that is going on around you. Which is a lot.

We don’t have the option anymore to not have options. We will always have way too many choices and we will always have to choose.

Yes, this can be stressful. This can be overwhelming. But, always remember that you have YOU. And YOU are whatever you can and want to be at this place in time.

Live your life according to what you can currently offer yourself. Whatever money you have, that is the money you have. Wherever you are in life professionally, that is where you are. Whatever your “relationship status” is, it just is.

You can makes moves in life whenever you feel ready, whenever it’s necessary, whenever, really. Remember to remind yourself that you are not “stuck” or “less”because you cannot be everywhere and everything all at the same time. Eventually, you will be at the place that you want to be, even if only briefly.

Things are never going to stop changing anyways.


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