Forgiveness means we have to acknowledge that something was wrong in the first place.

And sometimes, that’s really hard to do.

Because, we’d rather not address “it.”

We’d rather just stay mad.

But ultimately, all we have left to do is forgive.

Arguing isn’t always going to give us the answer we want.

Neither is time.

It’s only forgiveness that will help us move on,

that will teach us how to really love.

To love other people.

To love ourselves.

To do the hardest thing in human existence,

to let go.



This Shirt

I just bought this shirt.

It’s a flowing tank that’s made of suede,

in a creamy tan color that rests in a V-shape on my chest.

The back is open,

with straps that rest perfectly around my neck.

It was only 13 dollars,

but it makes me feel beautiful.

I hope that one day you get to tell me I look beautiful in it, too.

I want you to marvel at my naked neck while we drink wine

and talk about things that make us feel like we are the only two people in the room.


What do you do

when you have this beautiful thing in front of you

that you closed your eyes to at first,

because you were clouded by all of your preconceived notions

of what this person was supposed to be?

When really,

they are the opposite of what you expected.

They’re like the stars in the sky,

and you can’t help but open your eyes for them

only to see that you are in so much trouble.

The very, very good kind.


Blue and Brown

I don’t care if he means nothing to you,

because he means something to me.

You can really tell the true colors of a person

when they are so busy thinking about themselves

that they brush the one you love under the rug

like the one you love isn’t a huge part of you or something.

I always treated the one you loved with kindness and respect.

I’m just wondering why it’s so difficult for you to do the same.