Temporary Regression

Have you ever noticed how when you go back home you turn into a giant baby?

You forget how to be a grown up,

forget why you should do anything adult-ish,

like laundry, and making the bed, and getting up to put your dishes in the dishwasher, or helping to clean up after dinner.

You can’t even keep your suitcase closed.

The clothes just spill out,

like the lazy attitude that has completely taken over your body.

You’re just this apathetic little child, yelling up the stairs at your mother to get you water.

You regressed into a child the instant you stepped into the door,

just relishing in your vacation from real-life responsibility,

knowing that the second you get into your car to come home,

it’s back to paying bills and going grocery shopping and making sure there’s gas in your tank

and that you always have clean sheets because that’s what your parents taught you.


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