With Time

We are constantly thinking about age,

how we’re too young,

how we’re too old,

how we wish we could skip a few days,

a few weeks, a few years,

just so we can reach some goal that we’ve set for ourselves,

just so we can reach some sort of destination.

But when we’re thinking about ourselves

and how we wish we weren’t where we are,

we forget that the other people around us are growing older too,

like our parents,

and our grandparents

and our pets.

And with each passing year,

when everyone is gathered together for the holidays,

we see it.

We see the fragility of our grandmas and grandpas,

the blindness in our dogs’ eyes,

the softness that’s taken over our fathers.

And suddenly, our age doesn’t seem so important when we realize that time passing means the people we love passing with time, too.

And the thought of them leaving the planet anytime before us,

that’s what scares us.

Not us accomplishing our goals,

not us having our shit together.

Our thoughts are on them,

and on how we’re going to make sure they know that we love them

so that we don’t ever have to look back and wish we had told them more.


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