Brown Bananas

I’m happy to know you,

but scared to lose you.

I know that you have to move on,

to follow your heart and grow.

‘Cause life just keeps on going.

But it seems like people go

right when you start to keep their favorite food in the kitchen.

And the next thing you know,

you’re sitting with a bushel of bananas,

watching them go from green to yellow

and wishing that person would return before yellow turns to brown.




it takes a while to understand

why they say what they say

and do what they do.

And then one day,

you become more forgiving,

more empathetic,

less angry.

Because you realize that they are just humans,

who love others the way they were loved.

And most often,

it was a love dictated by demons

who gave them the wrong definition of the word.

Little Girl

He put you in a box since the day that you were born,

and trained you into thinking you belong there.

Even as you grow up

and go off on your own,

his voice still echoes in your head

with every decision that you make.

I just want you to know that black and white are not the only colors,

that there is more than right and wrong.

I want you to feel free

and always remember,

he is not God,

little girl.

He is just your father.


The Conversation

Everyone has words that sit in the back of their head,

the ones they want to say,

but can’t.

It’s the oldest dilemma in existence,

the dreaded conversation that needs to be had.

But, the words just sit locked away in a box,

and you can’t seem to find the key,

or rather,

you’re not ready to.

It’s probably hiding somewhere that you’re afraid to go,

somewhere that is surrounded by fear,

fear that your whole life may come unraveled if you go searching for that key.

Maybe you will have the conversation one day,

maybe you won’t.

It’s only you who can decide to go to that place.

It’s only you who can open that box.




The Circle

Life always seemed like a line.

I thought I was moving forward when I was really moving ’round

in this circle that they call life.

He used to tie your shoes, and now you tie his.

The man who once became old

became like a child again.

The dog who never liked to be held

now sits on your lap letting you cradle him,

and you start to fear your parents becoming like children,

because it means you have to become old, too.

We come to go

and go to come

to live in this circle

that moves so endlessly.

Slightly Introverted

One of the best feelings

is sitting around people

and not talking.

Simply writing,


thinking about life.

I do not like when there is pressure to speak,

or use words that I do not want to say,

because they are wasteful

or mean.

There’s no need

to say things that do not matter.

I did that for too long,

so much talking

without really listening.

So now I think,

can’t we just sit and be?

Everything is so beautiful this way.