The Beautiful Girl Who Fell

I know that you’re afraid,

afraid of what’s going to happen when the life that you’ve spent years building for yourself falls apart.

But, what I really think you’re afraid of is your life falling together in a way that you didn’t prepare yourself for.

You think that you’re stuck.

So you’ve built your own cage,

and have been keeping yourself locked up inside of it, like a man who is afraid to leave prison because the real world seems too daunting.

What’s fallen apart is you,

when you let go of your spirit,

and watched it fall into a black hole of smothered existence.

You’re the only person who can get yourself out.

So take a look up at the stars,

and remember that you were born to be radiant.

You, my dear,

are way too fiery

and way too passionate

to be suffocating in a hole of darkness.



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