It takes courage to be a woman.

Some people do not see the words that come from your mouth as a message,

but merely as an accessory of your being,

as if your body is the only part of you that has meaning.

They can barely handle your flesh.

They see a nipple and they squirm,

like it is not ok to have breasts,

or like having them is all you are.

I did not know that having a chest gave anyone the right to send me messages of dick-shaped emojis.

I know what the boys used to say about me in the locker room,

and so I made a pact that I would hide my body because I wanted to be more than what they said.

But now, I show it to you because I know that I am more than that.

Boys, I wish you could understand what it is like to be a woman,

to receive praise and degradation all in the same hour,

to be called aggressive for saying “Do not speak to me that way,”

to have to train myself to not care about the words that come out of your ignorant mouths.






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