From Girl to Girl

We live in a generation full of powerful women.

But, not all of us are beautiful.

I’m not referring to our outsides, but to the heart that lies in our chests,

to the mind that sits in our heads.

We women are full of judgement and hate for members of our own species.

We are all ugly sometimes,

even when we feel beautiful.

We choose shame over love.

We pick discouragement over acceptance.

We let other peoples’ ideas tell us what we think a woman should be.

Worst of all, we critique each other over the fabric that sits on our bodies,

for wearing too much,

for not wearing enough.

But, have we ever thought to ask ourselves why?

I have a thought.

Here it is.

What if choose to not buy into the notion that the world is selling sexuality,

but rather,

that the world is embracing it?



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