To My Dear Friend

Together, we are so alive.

The energy so palpable, people are afraid to come near us.

They wonder what we are.

Lovers or friends?

“We are the epitome of trouble,” we say.

Showing bartenders naughty pictures so that he will let us leave with our beers.

Lying in your bed under the dim glow of hanging lanterns.

Leaving candles burning throughout the night.

It’s a record of laughter and tears, playing on repeat.

A level of understanding so deep, it is not worth explaining.

You are my love and my friend.

Holding me in the night.

I don’t know how I came to find you,

How so much peace came to me all at once.

Your physicality is so beautiful.

But, your soul is like heaven fell onto this earth and crawled into your body.

I wish it could sit on the outside of you so that more people could know it like I do.


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