That Song On The Radio

You know when a song comes on the radio that you haven’t heard before and right away you switch the station?

You’ve really only heard maybe 15 seconds of it, but you decide that just because you don’t know the lyrics, there’s really no point in listening to the rest of it. It seems like it’s trying too hard to be good music, and “that’s not good music,” you think.

So, you forget about the song and switch to your favorite alternative station and your day goes on as usual.

But, this song keeps appearing in your life. It plays when you’re working out at the gym, when you’re shopping at the grocery store, when you’re driving home from Cabela’s.

One night, when you’re lying alone in your bed listening to the radio, it comes on again. But this time, you stop to listen.

“It’s kind of catchy,” you think. “It’s so light and happy.” And so you listen to it all the way through, absorbing the lyrics and and living in the moment of its melodies.

The next day when you wake up to get ready for work, you follow your usual routine, listening to the the sounds of alternative beats playing from your bedroom.

You forget about your melodic moment in the darkness, the one that brought you somewhere new and beautiful.

When your friend asks you if you like the song, you tell them no.

You remember that time in the car that you listened to it for 15 seconds, not the time it sang you to sleep.

“It’s not really my taste,” you say. “It’s too young, too happy.”

“Really?” says your friend. “That’s why I love it.”

You don’t stop to think that the person who wrote that song chose happiness over pain.

You don’t stop to think that maybe they used to be like you.

And then one day, they got sick of being so serious and the mellow undertone of their music started to fade.

You do not listen to this song unless it appears in your life coincidentally.

This song will always play, though, on the radio that follows you to all the places you go.

Maybe one day in the future-whenever that may be,

You will realize that it is exactly what you need.


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