It’s Okay That I’m Not Your Person

I left you a note on your car.

I thought it was cute.

Kind of mysterious and sexy.

I wanted to keep you on your toes.

But I think right now you want to stay on your feet.

I thought of all the reasons why we would be spectacular.

And then I thought of all the things I must’ve done wrong.

A couple Thursdays ago, I hurt my leg.

I couldn’t walk.

So instead of walking, I did some thinking.

And I had all these realizations, like,

I’m just not your person.

Hey, you,

It’s okay that I’m not your person.

We can’t all be each other’s people.

He isn’t mine, and I’m not yours.

I don’t think any less of you.

I just wish you would have said something so that I didn’t spend so much time waiting around for you and making excuses.

Now that I know that I won’t be yours and you won’t be mine, I’m feeling pretty content.

For a while, things were foggy.

But time made things clear.

I have a new best friend who likes crunchy asparagus like me,

A killer Halloween costume,

And it’s finally raining.

And I’m thinking that I’m really, really happy.


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