I’m happy because I can’t think of anything better to be.

The world is a tragedy.

It always has been.

And there’s no point in me reminding you of that.



We only see truth in moments;

not in the minutes or days or weeks that pass us by.

Those are all just life.

It is in moments that we see possibility.

It is in moments when we realize what we want to be for each other.

If you let these moments escape you,

life will only move forward,

and you will be left waiting for the next moment to arrive.



I’m falling for you like the leaves on the ground,

kicking them away until they disappear into December.

I know I’m freshly fallen snow,

but maybe you like that.

You can make an angel out of me,

And I will warm you up like a steaming cup of coffee.

Inside the Frame

Every time you say out loud,

the stories of your heartbreak,

every time you share the memories of the ones who left your picture,

you are making room for new people to fill the frame.

There are so many faded images in the background,

but above them are new figures that glue together the cracks in the glass.

They are the muses,

in the artistry of your life.

They are how you move on.

The Human Touch

I fear that I have become attached to the idea of being held.

That feeling of someone’s hands wrapped around my body.

I used to go so long without being touched that I forgot what it felt like.

I forgot how important it was.

I remember two years ago this moment in yoga class.

I was lying in shavasana, and my instructor rested his hands on my shoulders.

I flinched.

And then I got into the car and cried,

because I forgot what it was like for someone to rest their hands on me like that.

Nobody should ever feel that way.

Sometimes, we are alone for so long that we don’t even know what is missing.

The human connection of the body and mind,

someone’s arm laced around your stomach.

It is like drinking water and breathing air.

We need it to survive.