To Stay or To Go

Sometimes, the toughest choice we have to make is whether to stay or to go.

Do I stay in this relationship?

Or do I go?

What happens when I realize that I was wrong about a person?

What happens, after so much time, when I realize that a person I adored so much isn’t actually the person I wanted them to be all along?

What if they are magnificent, though, and I left them standing there alone before I had the chance to find out?

Most of all, what happens on that day when I realize that a place is just a place?

I tell myself this mantra over and over, but when will that day come when I really believe it?

These are the questions I ask myself.

I’m always stuck between staying at going.

You always ask me why I keep running.

I guess maybe I’m just looking for a good enough reason to stay.


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