Talking to yourself

I’ve spent my entire existence(all 22 years of it) believing that the only purpose of life is to love and to be loved in return, and that, until it happened to me, I would be failingly miserable.

And for a long time, I was.

But, my heartache, my days of longing for something that I didn’t think I had…were all a choice.

I didn’t know it, but there I was, making a choice to be disappointed by my reality each day, because I didn’t have a boyfriend, or someone buying me flowers on Valentine’s day.

What I couldn’t see was that love comes in countless forms. It’s literally(white girl speak) everywhere.

And all it takes is recognizing this simple truth to give your life the meaning you are so desperately searching for.

Love is everywhere you are.

Maybe the most important moment of your day or the biggest day of your year isn’t your birthday or the day you get a promotion, but just some ordinary moment on some ordinary day.

What if your biggest milestone is on a Wednesday afternoon in the middle of August and for the first time you really comprehend how lovable you are?

It’s just Wednesday at 1:00. It’s cloudy, and your skin is kind of sticky from the humidity, but there you are, loving you, and then loving the little things around you, like the plant on the ground and the sun-kissed colors in your hair. There’s a speck of dirt on your face from rolling around in the grass and your nose is so cutely wrinkled from laughing at fuckjerry instagram.

There’s no sunshine out, and nobody laying next to you holding your hand, but you say to yourself,

“I’m beautiful.”

I know that it’s hard to see sometimes.

But, whenever you are in doubt, you just say to yourself,

“I am in fact very, very beautiful.”


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